The Changing Point South Virtual Tour is here and ready for download!

Just follow these easy download instructions:
1)    Click Here to download CPS Tour.exe
2)    When prompted, save the file to a folder on your hard drive that you can remember (for example My Documents or the Desktop) or choose to Open the file from the web and skip to step #4.
3)    When the download completes, navigate to the folder where you saved the tour and double-click on "CPS_Tour.exe"
4)    Click "Setup" to begin.  Note: the tour will leave no files or programs installed on your computer and is absolutely virus-free!

If you haven't already, Click Here to Download
(File Size 5mb)

Approximate Download Times:
  28.8 Modem: 30 Minutes
  56K Modem: 15 Minutes
  DSL/Cable 2 Minutes
  T1 or faster: Less than 1 Minute

Note:  this tour may not work on a Macintosh-based system without a PC emulator